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Characteristics of Common Carrier Oils



This oil is one that is rather light in texture. When it comes to using this oil as an carrier, it is found to be best in natural remedies towards acne or oily skin.

Seeing as this oil is one that is solvent-extracted you should use it with caution and small amounts due to the oils ability to cause skin sensitivities.

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Characteristics of Common Carrier Oils


Coconut- Coconut oil is said to be the highest in saturated fats, it is twice as saturated as lard. As an example when the oil is at room temperature it is a solid.

Coconut oil can be used well with other oils for massages. Typically coconut oil can be found in recipes for naturally made body lotion or cream/whipped recipes.

Keep in mind though coconut oil can cause an allergic reaction to those that have skin sensitives. It is suggested that before using this oil or products made with coconut oil you test a very small amount on the area you intend to use it on first.

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Characteristics of Common Carrier Oils


Cocoa butter- This carrier oil is derived from the cocoa beans. People have said that cocoa butter has a very strong chocolate sort of scent to it.

With that in mind this carrier oil will overpower the scent of most essential oils that are out there. So it is not advised to use cocoa butter for any aromatherapy uses.

It has been suggested that if you desire to work with this carrier oil do so in small quantities. Can be used in home made lotions and creams.

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