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Color Correspondences Black



The color of Black is ideal for magickal work towards: Absorption & destruction of negative energy, fear, endings, divination, removing hexes, spirit contact, anger, truth, meditation rituals, fertility, uncrossing rituals, dream work,  banish evil, banish negativity, authority, grounding, transformation, to break up a blocked or “stand still” situation, uncrossing rituals, self-control, beginnings, restriction, depression, new changes, rebirth, wisdom, resilience, discipline, challenges, reversing, binding negative forces, enmity, releasing, removing confusion, creativity, defensive spells, crone magick, mourning a loss, envy, protection in spiritual warfare, knowledge, limitations, over-powering entities, binding, to stop gossip, patience, stability, neutralization, material gain, nightmares, protection, karma, manifestation, laws of society, limits, obstacles, tests, handwork, real estate, justice, transformation, acceptance, the afterlife, problems, security.

When the color Black is properly used, it can be one of the most
useful and powerful colors. That said, misused, it can cause great disaster. Make sure you are clear about your intentions and respect the power this color can lend your magickal workings.

When considering using Black as a correspondence color it is helpful to keep these things in mind.

Zodiac: Scorpio, Capricorn, Libra, Sagittarius, Virgo
Full Moons: December, February, October
Moon Phase: New
Direction: East, North
Chakras: Root
God/dess: Epona, Hecate, Kali, Morrigan
Planet:  Saturn, Earth, Pluto
Sabbats: Samhain
Day:  Saturday, Thursday
Energy: Feminine, Yin
Element: Air, water, fire, and Earth
Numbers: 6, 8, 13
Tarot: Death, threes, world, the queens
Animal: Bobcat, dragon, panther, raccoon, rhinoceros, groundhog, blackbird, lynx, bat, owl, jaguar, praying mantis, bear, dragon fly
Stones: Onyx, jet, obsidian, black quartz, black star sapphire, agate, tektite, pyrite, diamond, moonstone, galena, pumice.
Magickal Tool: Sword and wand
Essential oil: Holly, juniper, yew, myrrh, cypress, pine, apple, yarrrow, rowan, peppermint, basil
Herb/Plant: Comfrey, holly, ivy, horsetail, reeds, Solomons seal, mullein, clove, betony, fern, yarrow, cayenne, dragons blood, mandrake, flax.

* Note: Do not ingest any herb/plant without knowing how your body will react to said herb or plant!

Do not work with oils without knowing how your body will react to said oil!

Make sure to do research and consult a doctor or someone certified in herbology *

*Some of this information was taken from Llewellyn’s complete book of correspondences by Sandra Kynes*

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I have been gathering sage from my garden this week. Cutting and binding some, drying and then crushing the rest. It’s been a busy week for me as I get things harvested and stored.

Most Pagans/Wiccans/Witches are familiar with sage as the main herb you use for smudging. It is a rather common in the pagan community to envision sage bound in a wand for such a practice.

But did you know that not all Sage is created equal? It’s true. There are two common types of sage used when making wands, desert and white. The thing many people don’t know is they used for different types of clearings.

White Sage: can be used to lift/clear energy through out a space or around a person. Some people use it as an aura cleanser.

Desert Sage: can be used to help open new doors or opportunities in your life when you feel a bit at a stand still or stuck in a rut. It is good for grounding and is said to carry with it more of a “playful” energy.

Share with us your experiences when smudging with either of the sages.

~*Kitchen Witch Wicki*~

*Some of this information as found in Magickal Housekeeping by Tess Whitehurst*

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Herbs of Mabon


Here in the EoM office there has been a lot of yard work going on. Including the harvesting and drying of herbs, right now there is sage and thyme drying on a table in the office kitchen.

So we sat down and talked about the herbs that go along with the Sabbat of Mabon. Here is the list we made together.

*NOTE! Please study each of these herbs before working with them. Do NOT ingest, burn or blend any of these without knowing the risks involved.*

Herbs for Mabon: thistle, oak leaf, hazel, mums, hops, acorns, marigold, rose, sage, milkweed, solomon’s seal, aster, fern, honeysuckle, benzoin, myrrh, passionflower, pine, cedar, ivy, hazel, hops, asters, orris root, mugwort, calendula, and chrysanthemum.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below.

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Color Correspondences Brown



The color of Brown is ideal for magickal work towards: Earth energy, rituals of material increase, justice, retribution, eliminating indecisiveness, improving powers of concentration, study, increasing financial success, locating objects that have been lost, animal healing, agriculture, balance, beginnings, focus, courage, energy, family, fear, friendship, guardian, guidance, telepathy, protection of the familiars and household pets, ground and center your conciseness with the earth, the home, honesty, influence, longevity, loss, animal magick, personal creativity, career, nature, order, organization, problems, rebirth, renewal, stability, success, travel, truth.

The color Brown is considered a feminine color. This would be due to it’s connection to nature and the Moon.

When considering using Brown as a correspondence color it is helpful to keep these things in mind.

Zodiac: Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Virgo
Full Moons: April, September
Direction: North
Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus
God/dess: Aine
Planet: Earth, Pluto, Saturn (dark browns), Moon (tan browns), Venus
Sabbats: Mabon
Day: Monday, Friday, Saturday
Element: Earth
Numbers: 4,8
Tarot: Devil, Hermit, Pentacles

*Some of this information was taken from Llewellyn’s complete book of correspondences by Sandra Kynes*

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Goddess Correspondences



The Goddess Epona was worshiped within the Gallo-Roman religion. Epona was a protector of horses, donkeys, and mules. Other animals that are associated with Epona are dogs and cattle especially the ox.

Those that worshiped Epona believed they would encounter her in the afterlife. It is said she and her horses were tasked with leading the soul in the “after-life ride”.

Epona has also been called the granter of sovereignty. Appeal to Epona for fertility, abundance, dream work, motivation, animals, seeking a guardian, the after life, leadership, prosparity, and travel.

Other correspondences that aid in your work with Epona are:

Zodiac: Sagittarius
Sabbats: Mabon
Colors: Black and white
Gemstone: Azurite

*Some of this information was found on Wikipeda and Llewellyn’s complete book of correspondences by Sandra Kynes*

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Foods of Mabon


With many of us in the office being Kitchen Witches, the major question we all seem to face is what sorts of foods go along with each Sabbat.

Here is a list of foods that our studies have shown go well with the Sabbat Mabon: Cornbread, products that are made out of wheat (especially whole wheat), berries, nuts, grapes, acorns, seeds, dried fruits, corn, beans, squash (traditionally baked), root foods (such as onions, carrots, potatoes,) hops, apples, bread, grains, pomegranates, pumpkins, oat cakes, roast goose or mutton, wine, ale and ciders.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comment below.

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Basic Kitchen Gadgets

Magick in the making

Lets talk about tools in the kitchen. Tools are always essential when working in any field. If you don’t have the right tools or don’t know how to use them, it is going to be very hard to get to your end goal.

Some of these things listed will be common things you know go in the kitchen. Pots, knifes, plates, even the oven. What I want to do is give you another way to look at them. Opening their magickal potential.

Pots – It is said that in some earlier cultures the pot was seen as a symbol of the Great Mother. To today’s Witches/Pagans/Wiccans the roundness of the pot is associated with goddess energy much like the cauldron.

When choosing cooking pots the colors suggested are earth based tones. Such as your browns, beige and whites. Many Kitchen Witches prefer their pots to be made of glazed ceramic, glass, cast iron, enameled metal (enameled cast iron), or stainless steel.

The more natural the materials the better.  It is due to that belief that many avoid using aluminum tools in their magickal cooking.

~*Kitchen Witch Wicki*~

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Herb Correspondences for Litha


We realized and were informed that we put out an activity and idea for Litha on Monday but forgot to provide a list of herbs that go along with the Sabbat. We are very sorry about that.

Here is a list of herb correspondences for Litha:

Fennel: The parts of the form used is the seed and stalk. Good for: Healing, strength, longevity, courage, purification, vitality, virility, creative ideas, improves sex life, money making, protection spells, and strength. The herb fennel has been said to help prevent curses, possession and negativity. Fennel has a delicious flavor that helps purify one’s breath, aids digestion and can help in weight loss.

Basil: The parts used is herb itself fresh or dried. Good for: sexual energy, attract wealth, love spells, assure fidelity, bringing new love, freeing from old love, purification, protection, communication, and prosperity spells.

Thyme: The parts used is fresh, dried and oil. Good for: awareness, sight, purification, love spells, understanding, relationships, healing, cleansing, psychic awareness, and memory.

*Note: the activity and idea of drying your own herbs for the Sabbat is not meant to be limited to the herbs suggested to use for the Sabbat. It was meant to provide and activity that provided a new experience and suggest a way to do something special for Litha*

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The Number 1


The number 1 is said to represent the Universe, singularity, individual identity, and independence.

The spell casting or works that go well with this number correspondence are accomplishment, ambition, assertiveness, beginnings, courage, creativity, determination, harmony, healing, inspiration, leadership, luck, money, optimism, peace, self power, self work, will power.

*Some of this information was taken from Llewellyn’s complete book of correspondences by Sandra Kynes*

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The Nine Sacred Woods of Beltane


One of the best-known traditions especially in the Celtic paths of paganism is the lighting of the Beltane fires during a Beltane ritual.

The fires are said to be started with nine sacred woods that are based on the first nine trees in the Celtic tree calendar.

The ninth of these woods is:

Willow –

The willow tree is another well known water loving tree. The Willow tree is said to be a healing tree. It’s bark being used in the treatment of rheumatic fever and various diseases that are referred to as “damp”diseases.

There is a sad belief connected to this tree as well. In western tradition the Willow is a symbol of mourning and unlucky love. The weeping willow for example can be linked back to the psalm that talks about the Hebrews mourning their captivity in Babylon by the willows.

The Willow tree is said to have the ability to aid in the casting of wishing magick, comforting loss, forsaken love, courage, defensive magick, relationships, adaptability, death, healing, beginnings, dream work, protection, fertility, bind, grief, enchantments, spirits, inspiration, communication, intuition, and easy delivery of babies.

Other Correspondences:
Zodiac: Aries, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus
Days: Monday
Element: Fire, Water
Goddesses: Artmis, Athena, Brigid, Ceres, Cerridwen, Danu, Diana, Hecate, Hel, Hera, Ishtar, Luna, the Morrigan, Persephone, Rhiannon
Gods: Arawn, Belenus, Hermes, Loki, Mercury, Osiris, Poseidon, Zeus
Planet: Moon, Venus

*Some of this information was taken from Llewellyn’s complete book of correspondences by Sandra Kynes*

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