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Mabon Activities


Honor the birds:

Much like us, bird’s and small animals in the wilderness are harvesting and gathering food for the colder days on their way.

Why not help them out a little? Make a bird feeder, some homemade treat or a simple offering to the animals around your home or near by park/wooded area.

We will be posting some great links to some very creative ideas all day on our facebook and google+ pages. Share with us some of your favorite ways to make a feeder.

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Still working in my yard!


Still working very hard in my yard.

It’s been a week, and I am so sore but it is coming together! Getting my space in the yard ready for my gazebo and fairy garden.

I am really excited. So this week I thought I would share some fairy garden DIYs. Things I plan to do and can be done as a family.

Mabon Activities


Make Wax Paper Leaf “Sun Catchers”

Sticking with the wax leaf theme from last week I thought I would share this fun activity.

Make crayon shavings with a knife, spoon or a crayon sharpener. I suggest that since this is for Mabon you use harvest earth tones such as red, maroon, brown, gold, scarlet, purple, and yellow.

Sprinkle the shavings between two pieces of wax paper. Next you will want to put the wax paper between two brown bags, or a brown paper bag cut in half foe easy and gentle placement and removal.

Iron the paper bag on a very low temp. This will melt the wax paper together. When you feel everything has melted together well remove the wax paper from bag.

You can now cut the wax paper in to shapes such as leaves. Hang in window and enjoy the lovely stain glass effect you have now created.

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