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Characteristics of Common Carrier Oils



The oil you get from the hazelnut is said to be light and have a mild fragrance. It is due to it ability to be easily absorbed in the skin that people have found that it is a useful oil in things like facial blends for oily skin.

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Characteristics of Common Carrier Oils



This oil is one that is rather light in texture. When it comes to using this oil as an carrier, it is found to be best in natural remedies towards acne or oily skin.

Seeing as this oil is one that is solvent-extracted you should use it with caution and small amounts due to the oils ability to cause skin sensitivities.

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Magickal Food Tip…



The form commonly used is the leafy areas of the herb, fresh and dried. The other parts of this plant are often called Coriander, we will go into the benefits of those parts at another time.

Cilantro is said to bring forth greater awareness, wit, and a stronger mental capacity. Some correspondences associated with Cilantro is when eaten on Wednesday it can help increase creativity and communication skills in some people. By carrying a fresh spring of Cilantro in your pocket during a job interview it can help the interview being successful in obtaining said job.

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*Some of the information provided in the post came from The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients By Lexa Rosean*

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Characteristics of Common Carrier Oils


Coconut- Coconut oil is said to be the highest in saturated fats, it is twice as saturated as lard. As an example when the oil is at room temperature it is a solid.

Coconut oil can be used well with other oils for massages. Typically coconut oil can be found in recipes for naturally made body lotion or cream/whipped recipes.

Keep in mind though coconut oil can cause an allergic reaction to those that have skin sensitives. It is suggested that before using this oil or products made with coconut oil you test a very small amount on the area you intend to use it on first.

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Characteristics of Common Carrier Oils


Cocoa butter- This carrier oil is derived from the cocoa beans. People have said that cocoa butter has a very strong chocolate sort of scent to it.

With that in mind this carrier oil will overpower the scent of most essential oils that are out there. So it is not advised to use cocoa butter for any aromatherapy uses.

It has been suggested that if you desire to work with this carrier oil do so in small quantities. Can be used in home made lotions and creams.

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Herbs and their magickal uses



The form used for magickal purposes is the whole berries, and powder.

Add Allspice to any success formula to increase changes of beating out any and all competition. Carry the whole berries in the pocket to improve your chances on interviews. Sprinkle the powder across the threshold of a place of business.

Using Allspice as an incense or in a double boiler, the spice in water, to fill a room with its scent. By doing this it is believed to help the brain centers to work better in achievement and creates a happy, efficient work environment.

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*Some of the information provided in the post came from The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients By Lexa Rosean*


Cooking with a purpose and care


When food is cooked with a positive energy you can taste it, feel it. We taste the love in our food when made by someone that projects love, caring, and joy. It is most likely why mom’s chicken soup taste better then anyone else’s. This energy can lift our spirits when we have a bad day at school or work. It can help heal us when we are sick. There is no limit to what this energy within our food can do for us.

The same can be said about the opposite, negative energy. I know when I cook while I am frustrated, stressed out or just down right angry my kitchen suffers. That energy goes into my food and it not only tastes bad but spreads to my family turning their moods sour without understanding why. 

It’s the intention that we project, even if you do not realize that is absorbed and transfers to those around us. I explain to people all the time that magic has no color to it. There is no white or black magic. It is will, energy and intention you put forth is what gives it a color. You can cast the most lovingly written spell, with an ill will and change that spell into something dark. The same is true with a recipe. You can cook the same thing over and over to the point you have memorized it but that one time you cook with negativity it will not come out right.

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Characteristics of Common Carrier Oils


Almond Oil:

Almond has been found to be affordable and amazingly nourishing oil. Most of the massage therapist I know use almond oil mostly as a perfect oil for massaging. Many swear it is the perfect and ideal carrier oil to have.

I bless my almond oil and use it as blessing oil for handfastings and rituals of union. It adds a special magick to the bonding of the couple, workings its lore to keep love alive and strong.

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