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Q & A Friday


Q: You posted about smudge sticks and using the right one. I want to smudge but I am allergic to the smoke of a smudge stick. Is there another way for me to smudge a room or person?

A: To be honest we have found that the smudge stick is not for everyone. Many do appear to have a hard time with the smoke. So you are not alone in this problem.

What we suggest to people that come to us with this situation is a spray. You can make or buy sage sprays that does the job just as well as burning a smudge stick.

You can make it with either sage oil or by making your own extract by soaking the sage in water inside of a spray bottle.

If you don’t feel comfortable with making your own there are some amazing sprays out there already made. Some of them also have some very good combinations for different types of smudging like healing, and balance.

Q & A Friday!

Q: Why don’t you post spells?

A: It has been asked in the past why the EoM has moved away from posting spells. Yes spell spamming in groups or pages seem to get a lot of members or likes. It is understood that people enjoy those sorts of posts. We love and are thankful that so many read our posts and share the information we write about.

There is the hitch. We at EoM are about providing information for people to learn and grow their path. Spam posting spells does not always provide those results. They are written by someone else, that doesn’t know you or your needs. So in reality the spell might not work as well as you hope and you end up questioning why you believed in all of this in the first place.

What we hope to do is to help our members write their own spells. Give them the tools and knowledge for them to make the perfect spell or ritual they are seeking. That is why we write about topics like correspondences, sabbats, activities, how to put together your book of shadows and so on.

It is our feeling that there are plenty of sites out there that provide spells for free, be careful sharing them yourself because most are still under copyright laws. On our pages we like to think we hand over a template that you can work from and apply perfectly to your path.

This is not to say we will never write about spells or share the spells we have written. We love writing spells and sharing them in the office. We wish to help others write them as well, giving our readers the tools they could find helpful to apply to their practice.

Q&A Friday is back!


We are reinstating Q&A Fridays!

You have a question to ask we want to hear it! Please send us your questions by message here or to our email

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Q: So what do Witches DO?

Seeing as how with many questions presented by people we tend to say “No we don’t do the things you think we do” they wonder what it is we do. Like we are so different then anyone else out there or that practicing paganism/witchcraft is suppose to be more exciting then any other religious path.

Now granted I do think we have more fun in our ritual and gathering then the average organized religion Sunday worship. But I find that who I am and what I do day to day is not what people tend to think of when I express to them I practice paganism.

How would you answer?

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Q: How do you convert new pagans?

I know this is a big question around where I live. This would be due to the prominent church in our area. Their missionaries can be spotted everywhere trying to spread the word of their church and getting people to join. So it is assumed by people in these religions that we too are doing something similar.

How do you answer this question?



Q: Why would you want to be a pagan?
We think this comes from a place of trying to understand why it is we are on the belief path we are.

People ask why be a pagan because it is so outside of their box or realm of understanding. You don’t hear people ask each other why would you want to be a christian? 

Some of us here yes admittedly now ask people these questions. This is mostly to help people understand that it’s not a good question to ask. There is so much more to this question then people think about.

How would you answer this question?



Q: Why do all Witches wear black?

This question is mostly due to media when I ask why it is the question is being asked.

It can also be linked to the fact that black is in many cultures a symbol of clergy. Priests, Ministers and Rabbis all favor black as the main color of their ritual garb.

How would you answer?

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Q: Do you have ritual orgies?

Okay I have to admit this one always makes me look at people like they are down right crazy for assuming this about me.

The only thing I have been able to come to realize with people that ask this question is this…

Psychologically people for some reason think since we are some way deviant on spiritual level, at least in their eyes, we won’t stop there. It’s like assuming because someone is gay that they watch porn and have multiple sexual partners.

It’s sad and very wrong to assume that of people because they aren’t completely like you but socially speaking this is rather common.

How would you answer?