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Spell Casting


Simply put the word casting means to ‘put forth’ energy or focus your will for a specific purpose like a spell or ritual.

Yes spells are fun and the term used when pagans/witches desire to speak or commune to their higher power. The ability to spell cast can be for some the reason they started looking into paganism.

What people don’t know when it comes to casting is that there can be rules attached. Not really a “right or wrong” sort of rules but more of an understanding as to what it is you might be getting into and trying to do.

Please don’t ever just jump into spell casting without knowing what can happen in return. Read every spell carefully and make sure you feel comfortable with it before casting. Feel free to add or take away to a spell. It is a good idea to keep to the laws/rules/guidelines that are in place with your foundation of the your sacred path in mind when writing a spell.

The laws/rules/guidelines was explained best in a newsletter that Lady Destiny had sent out a few weeks ago. I am sure if you want to get a copy of your own you could send a request for it.

If you have any questions about casting send me a email at attention to: Pagan Mom

Next week I will be talking about casting a circle before doing magickal workings.

~*Pagan Mom*~

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A Child’s Protection Spell/Blessing


I wrote this spell when my eldest was a baby.

She and the other children have turned it into a nightly blessing. They change the wording to fit them saying it to themselves (changing a few of the words such as her/him to me).

They have also added to the process me drawing the pentacle in the air for them. Enjoy!

“God and Goddess hear my plea
send thy angels down to me.
Send them to protect my babe
send them now and don’t delay.
Have them watch her/him from night to day.
Evil leave!
This I pray
I send my thanks now to thee
As I will it so mote it be.”

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Fire Healing Spell


Items needed:
A healing smudge stick (sage and rosemary)
Parchment paper
Pen (quill and ink would be more powerful but a normal ink pen works as well)
A green candle
Cauldron or a bowl in which you can burn something in

Cast your circle, light the healing smudge stick and then in a goddess stance (Arms out stretched over your head in a V shape) say this invocation:

“Oh great Isis please hear me
send thy healing power down to me.
Help me heal my friend
That his/her pain and suffering will finely end.
Make his/her body whole again
From head to toe let this healing begin.
Help me set him/her free
As I will it so mote it be.”

Write on the piece of parchment paper the person’s name and illness. Light the green candle and say as you light the piece or paper with the flame from the candle and place in the cauldron.

“Healing fire hear me
set this woman/man free.
Take away his/her illness
Take away his/her pain.
Burn it from his/her body
Burn it from his/her soul.
Set him/her free from head to toe.
I send my thanks now to thee
As I will it, so mote it be.”

Thank the goddess Isis for her aid and dismiss her respectfully. Close circle.

By Lady Destiny )O(

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Book Of Shadows


A Book of Shadows (BoS) contains a complete record of the witch’s magickal workings, much like a journal of your magickal journey.

In it you can record how you interpret the things you learn such as Rituals Guidelines, Invocations, Spells, Divination, Correspondences, Symbols, Poems, Chants, and anything else of use to you personally.

If you would like read further about the Book of Shadows please go to the This way to more info! page here and sign up for out newsletter. I will be sending the newsletter out this evening.

Lady Destiny )O(

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This is the BoS I currently have and I LOVE it! If you have the money to put towards this lovely book or any of their other books I HIGHLY recommend using this company to get the best and most high quality BoS out there.

Know your Correspondences


Which colors will bring luck? What herbs help in protection? What deity to appeal to? By learning these can be very useful if you desire to add those in your spell.

Learning about how different things can help your workings can only help in your over all goal.

~*Pagan Mom*~

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Writing your own spells and rituals


Know the Best Time to Work a Spell:

Do you know what type moon phase is best for money or healing spells? What days of the week are best for certain types of magick? What about how each hour of the day will affect your spell? 

By learning how the timing affects your magickal workings you will know when to work your spell.

~*Pagan Mom*~

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Writing your own spells and rituals


Know the Intent or Purpose:

Think about what is it you are trying to do. Are you looking to heal a illness, sell a house, or to celebrate a sabbat?

Before you begin any magickal working, you should have a firm grasp on what outcome you are seeking.

Be as specific as possible. By doing so you have a better chance of achieving the things you are seeking to do.

~*Pagan Mom*~

Writing your own spells and rituals


Know the Basics:
It’s a good idea that when you begin to write your own magick that you know what magick is to you.

Know different ways use the energy within and around you. Learn and practice how to go about raising, directing and grounding your own energy.

A great first step in casting is to know how to cast a magick circle, open the circle and close the circle.

Next plan out and know the basic outline of a spell. Look into what that means for you. What steps do you want to take for the spell you are writing.

Look at spells that are written in the topic you are planing to write in. How are they laid out? Do you want to use the same lay out?

~*Pagan Mom*~

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Peaceful Home


With this time of year being great for spring cleaning I like to do charms and spells for my house. To help get rid of the old almost stale smelling enemies and bring in the light clean smelling energies.

This last year has been a hard one on my family so I am pulling out some of my most powerful cleansing spells that help bring my family members together. I want to share with you one of the rituals I plan to do to help in this.

~*Pagan Mom*~

Peaceful Home

Items needed:

1 Lavender cloth
A small item to represent each person living in the home
Small amethyst
A lavender or pink candle
Peace oil

Remember to focus on your intent for a peaceful household as you are putting this spell together and casting it.

Sew a pouch out of lavender cloth. It need to be big enough to hold everything you have gathered for this spell.

Place the small items in the pouch. Thinking of each family member that the item is suppose to represent. Invasion them happy, communicating, joyful, loving, listening to understand.

Add the herb ingredients into the pouch. As you place the herbs in the pouch focus on what work you desire them to do for your home and family. Last add the stone to the pouch.

Anoint all candles with the peace oil. Once you are seated in front of the candle then light it or them. Holding the pouch in your hands and say the following 3 times:

“Blessed Goddess, most gentle one,
I ask thee now to help calm my home.
Relieve all tension, release all fear,
So from stress that we may hold each other dear.
Touch my family with peace and healing,
with loving light and understanding,
Bless my home, Great gentle Goddess.
Unite us with your kiss.”

Set the pouch beside the candle. Do not blow out or snuff out candle. You should allow it to burn out on it’s own.

Hang the pouch in the room where everyone gathers the most within your home.


Characteristics of Common Carrier Oils


Almond Oil:

Almond has been found to be affordable and amazingly nourishing oil. Most of the massage therapist I know use almond oil mostly as a perfect oil for massaging. Many swear it is the perfect and ideal carrier oil to have.

I bless my almond oil and use it as blessing oil for handfastings and rituals of union. It adds a special magick to the bonding of the couple, workings its lore to keep love alive and strong.

Kitchen Witch Wicki