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The Nine Sacred Woods of Beltane


One of the best-known traditions especially in the Celtic paths of paganism is the lighting of the Beltane fires during a Beltane ritual.

The fires are said to be started with nine sacred woods that are based on the first nine trees in the Celtic tree calendar.

The fifth of these woods is:

Hazel –

The Hazel tree is said to be often used to make all-purpose wands. In many areas of Europe and North America the branch of the hazel tree was commonly used for what was known as ‘water-witching’. Today we refer to it as dowsing which is more commonly known for finding water with a forked stick. Recently though this art has turned towards communing to the spirit world or energy work.

Magickally the Hazel wood is known to aid in fertility, clairvoyance, divination, communication, marriage, divination, protection, luck, reconciliation, strength, gaining knowledge, intuition, wisdom and poetic inspiration.

Other Correspondences:
Zodiac: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Virgo
Days: Wednesday
Element: Air, Water
Goddesses: Aphrodite, Arianrhod, Artemis, Boann, Danu, Diana, Venus
Gods: Manannan, Mercury, Ogma, Thor
Planet: Mercury, Sun

*Some of this information was taken from Llewellyn’s complete book of correspondences by Sandra Kynes*

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The EoM team will be out of the office from Thursday April 30th until next Monday May 4th due to many of them being gone at a retreat.

We do apologize that this means no Crunchy Pagan radio show or EoM Newsletter this week.

We look forward to seeing you all again next week. Sharing our experience with you and as always the fun information you all have come to enjoy from our team.

The Element of Magick Radio Show Contest!


The Element of Magick Radio Show is holding it’s first contest!

We are looking for your familiar pictures. Show us how cute, silly, and helpful your familiars can be. Show us the different types of familiars you have! We want to see them all!

By posting your picture on our facebook, google+, twitter and website that enters you into our contest to win your choice of a herbal spell mix!

Enter here in the comments!

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The EoM Team will be out of the office all this week due to Spring break and will return next monday.

During this time there will still be shares being made on the page. This would be due to we still check our facebook accounts and come across things we think our readers would love to see wink emoticon

The radio shows will still go on as scheduled as will the newsletter.

Again posting on all social networks will resume April 6th. Thank you all so much and we hope you all have or had, depending on when your spring break is, an amazing spring break!

The EoM Team



We have a winner of our BIG giveaway!!! The lucky person to walk away with our spell kit is Kristopher!!!
We will be sending you an email shortly to get your info.

Thank you again to ALL that joined in this give away. This was so much fun for us we can’t wait until the 10,000 likes giveaway!

We now have a Google+ Page!

Now Google+ is run rather different then Facebook so posting on this page will be made once a week and cover what we have posted on the FB page the last week.

It will also have what we are calling “Blast from the Past” posts. Where we share a few posts we had made on facebook in year past.

So if you are a Google+ lover now you can follow EoM there. Just follow this link.



Morning and Happy New Year to you all!!!

Yeah we know we are 12 days late on that but still want to say it seeing this is the first day the EoM team have been back in the office officially. Yay!

We hope you are all enjoying the new year so far. Perhaps getting those resolutions underway wink emoticon

The EoM team have high hopes for this year both on a personal and work level. We hope to continue to grow with you our readers and deliver the information you seek.

What are your resolutions?

Facebook and their silly name policy


Well it appears that our Lady Destiny MoonChild has had her facebook page removed. The reports she gets is this is due to her name.

She exists online and in person only under her craft name/pin name and has done so for nearly 14 years now. She does not use her birth name and honestly none of us in the office know what that is. Today facebook is saying that she can no longer use that name. Which we find a bit irritating.

So if any of you out there use your craft name as your facebook name you may find yourself in this same situation.

We wish Facebook would just allow people to put in the name they wish to be addressed as instead of hiding behind a statement saying this helps people find them if they use their real name. Not if you don’t ever use your birth name. It just confuses the people looking for you.