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Welcome to the Crunchy Pagan show!

Learning the baby steps towards a more natural lifestyle, better heath, become self sufficient, and encourage free independent thinking.

Join our welcoming environment every Thursday @ 10:00 pm Eastern Time.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions we encourage you to email us at or send us a comment on our website

We also invite you to please call in at (914) 338-0918 to join us on air live.


Past Shows:

Episode #1 Meet The Crunchy Pagan

Episode #2 Let’s talk recipes and honey

Episode #3 Color Therapy and The Many Uses of Lavender

Episode #4 Let’s talk Cinnamon and Colors that might be Challenging

Episode #5 The sacred qualities of colors and the many uses of Peppermint

Episode #6 The Magick of Meditation

Episode #7 Meditation Techniques

Episode #8 Meditation, Gardening and Aromatherapy

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