Discontinued Shows

Shows we were sad to see go.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed having them.


Lady Destiny & Mistress Dax Show

Episode #1  Meet Lady Destiny and Mistress Dax

Episode #2 The American Council of Witches

Episode #3 The ACoW part 2: The doors have opened

 Episode #4 American Council of Witches 2015: The Interview

Episode #5 Pagan Community

Episode #6 Ostara Special

Episode #7 Spells as a form of Prayer

Episode #8 Magickal Ethics

Episode #9 Candle Magick

Episode #10 Candle Magick Lore and Tips

Episode #11 Casting Candle Magick

Episode #12 Keep Calm, It’s Beltane!!!

Episode #13 The path from a Solitary Witch to a Coven Witch


UDAPS! Episode #1 UDAPS! We Are The Terror That Flaps In The Night!

UDAPS! Episode #2 Let’s talk STD’s

UDAPS! Episode #3 UDAPS! To catch and a Predator

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