Kitchen Magick

Join us in the kitchen for a bit of magick!

Magick in the making

Learn how you can transform your kitchen into a place of magick!

Experience the magick your food holds!

See your herbs, veggies, fruits and meat with new eyes!


Join our host every other Sunday at 8:00 pm Eastern Time

Join in our live Chatroom during the broadcast


Call in at (914) 338-0918 to join us on air live


Send us a recipe for our “Recipe Box” and during the show

I will pick a recipe to make from a random drawing.

I will then share my experience, pictures and possibly the recording

of me making the dish that was dawn.


You can submit the recipe on this page


to our email address at

Please make sure to provide the link to the source you got the recipe from

 Episode #1 Cooking with a Purpose






Background pictures were found here…

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