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Samhain Activities


With Samhain also known in many Pagan traditions as the “witches new year” I like to do a releasing ritual with my family.

Typically it would be around a bond fire but at times we have done this ritual around a candle. So either will work.

What I do is I ask everyone to write or draw something that has ended or that they may want to let go of. An example of this would be a bad habit.

Then we fold the papers up. Empower each one with oils, or herbs and energy. The kids may say a chant or something that helps them focus on letting go. I then gather them together to burn in the fire or flame.

We then sit back with some yummy spiced apple cider and talk about the things we would like to have come to us in the year to come.

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Mabon Activities


Honor the birds:

Much like us, bird’s and small animals in the wilderness are harvesting and gathering food for the colder days on their way.

Why not help them out a little? Make a bird feeder, some homemade treat or a simple offering to the animals around your home or near by park/wooded area.

We will be posting some great links to some very creative ideas all day on our facebook and google+ pages. Share with us some of your favorite ways to make a feeder.

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Ideas and Activities for Litha

Hanging Herbs

Try drying your own herbs for the dinner you prepare for this Sabbat. Simply hang a bundle of fresh herbs out to dry.

Never done it before? It’s easy! Tie the bundle together at the stems and then hang them up in a place they wont be disturbed. Try to put them in a place as dry and dark as possible.

Remember intention is everything. As you cut, wrap and hang the herbs empower them with your intent and energy.

Then when the Litha feast is ready to cook use the herbs you dried out just for this occasion.

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Activities and Ideas for Beltane


Have you always wanted to dance around the Maypole? Wished you had one for your ritual?

You are not alone because it has also been a dream of mine as well. This year though instead of wishing I am making a miniature Maypole for our family alter. Just until I can afford to have a large one outside.

Now there are a few ways you can do this. Some suggest making a Maypole pillar candle. All you do is attach ribbons and flowers to the candle. The Ribbons can hang loose or you can weave them.

My plan though is to take a small wooden dowel making a very simple base for it, painting it and then gluing the ribbons and artificial flowers to the top.

These items can be found in any of your local craft shops. You may even be lucky enough to find some amazing items in the miniature area with as little flower wreaths you can hang on it.

It is my desire to make it so that everyone in my family can take a ribbon and weave the ribbons with just their hands.

Now it you wish to be really creative you can get a big wooden, or take a few used wrapping paper tubes and attach them together to make a Maypole just big enough for the kidos. Pant, attach ribbons and flowers to it and watch as your little ones have fun dancing around it.

I say have fun with it. You may not have the perfect Maypole just yet but you can create magickal moments making one.

Lady Destiny )O(

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Ideas and Activities for Beltane:


It is believed that if you wear as much green during the days of Beltane it will aid in your fertility. Now the word fertility does not always apply to having a baby, though this is a good sabbat to focus on that. When we talk about fertility it could be towards many things like a fertile harvest, fertility in your animals, or have a more fertile career.

Green is not only a color associated with Beltane, it is also a great color to use in rituals and spells for fertility, abundance and success.

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Ostara Activities


This is the perfect time to clear a space for a garden. It’s too early in many climates to plant fruits and vegetables seeing as the frosts can happen as late as April in many places. In my area we can get it until late May. Still it is nice to have things ready.

You can start flowers, herbs or vegetables indoors. Once you are sure it is warm enough you can transfer them into their ready made area outside.

Ostara Activities


A tradition that is great at this time of year is the tradition of knocking on the ground to “wake up” Mother Earth.

This has always been the part of Ostara my children look forward to. They just love the part of the ceremony where they get to wake up the earth.

How we practice this tradition is by marking a four-pointed circle/compass on the ground. I have 4 children so this is perfect for them to learn what part they do and share. If you have only one child you can have them start at the southernmost point, walk to the northernmost point. This represents the cold north. We typically use a staff, wand or hand to knock on the ground.

When they knock on the ground then they do what ever call they feel to do. The older kids like to say chants where as the youngest will just say things like “Wake up it’s cold!” This helps teach the children that there is no right or wrong way to perform their craft. That what ever inspires them or comes naturally is completely acceptable.

If you’re inclined to noisier celebrations then drums or rattles could be used for the ceremony.

Lady Destiny )O(