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Magickal Food Tip…



The form commonly used is the leafy areas of the herb, fresh and dried. The other parts of this plant are often called Coriander, we will go into the benefits of those parts at another time.

Cilantro is said to bring forth greater awareness, wit, and a stronger mental capacity. Some correspondences associated with Cilantro is when eaten on Wednesday it can help increase creativity and communication skills in some people. By carrying a fresh spring of Cilantro in your pocket during a job interview it can help the interview being successful in obtaining said job.

Kitchen Witch Wicki

*Some of the information provided in the post came from The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients By Lexa Rosean*

*Background Image was found @ http://www.holistic-nourishment.com/2014/03/03/health-benefits-of-cilantro/*