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Color Correspondences Black



The color of Black is ideal for magickal work towards: Absorption & destruction of negative energy, fear, endings, divination, removing hexes, spirit contact, anger, truth, meditation rituals, fertility, uncrossing rituals, dream work,  banish evil, banish negativity, authority, grounding, transformation, to break up a blocked or “stand still” situation, uncrossing rituals, self-control, beginnings, restriction, depression, new changes, rebirth, wisdom, resilience, discipline, challenges, reversing, binding negative forces, enmity, releasing, removing confusion, creativity, defensive spells, crone magick, mourning a loss, envy, protection in spiritual warfare, knowledge, limitations, over-powering entities, binding, to stop gossip, patience, stability, neutralization, material gain, nightmares, protection, karma, manifestation, laws of society, limits, obstacles, tests, handwork, real estate, justice, transformation, acceptance, the afterlife, problems, security.

When the color Black is properly used, it can be one of the most
useful and powerful colors. That said, misused, it can cause great disaster. Make sure you are clear about your intentions and respect the power this color can lend your magickal workings.

When considering using Black as a correspondence color it is helpful to keep these things in mind.

Zodiac: Scorpio, Capricorn, Libra, Sagittarius, Virgo
Full Moons: December, February, October
Moon Phase: New
Direction: East, North
Chakras: Root
God/dess: Epona, Hecate, Kali, Morrigan
Planet:  Saturn, Earth, Pluto
Sabbats: Samhain
Day:  Saturday, Thursday
Energy: Feminine, Yin
Element: Air, water, fire, and Earth
Numbers: 6, 8, 13
Tarot: Death, threes, world, the queens
Animal: Bobcat, dragon, panther, raccoon, rhinoceros, groundhog, blackbird, lynx, bat, owl, jaguar, praying mantis, bear, dragon fly
Stones: Onyx, jet, obsidian, black quartz, black star sapphire, agate, tektite, pyrite, diamond, moonstone, galena, pumice.
Magickal Tool: Sword and wand
Essential oil: Holly, juniper, yew, myrrh, cypress, pine, apple, yarrrow, rowan, peppermint, basil
Herb/Plant: Comfrey, holly, ivy, horsetail, reeds, Solomons seal, mullein, clove, betony, fern, yarrow, cayenne, dragons blood, mandrake, flax.

* Note: Do not ingest any herb/plant without knowing how your body will react to said herb or plant!

Do not work with oils without knowing how your body will react to said oil!

Make sure to do research and consult a doctor or someone certified in herbology *

*Some of this information was taken from Llewellyn’s complete book of correspondences by Sandra Kynes*

* Background image found here https://www.pinterest.com/pin/564287028286154618/ *