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Since we have been talking about food this week I thought I would talk about one of the common foods in my house for Mabon.

Corn, well to be more exact cornbread.

The properties of corn that are used in the kitchen for magickal purposes are: on or off the cob, popped, cornmeal.

Corn is regarded as a food of prosperity, protection, and spirituality. During this time of year (Mabon and Samhain) hang red corn above your doorways. This will help protect the bounty that has been reaped during this harvest time. This bounty can take many forms. It could be a job promotion, major purchases such as a home, finely overcoming that hardship in life and things beginning to change for the best.

Other things corn is good used towards are:
It is said that if you eat yellow corn on the summer solstice it will help grant blessings of prosperity.

Looking to purify a space, blue cornmeal scattered about an area it said to do just that.

The corn on the cob is believed to represents the gods due to the phallic shape of the vegetable. By eating the corn on the cob it could help bring creative or sexual energy in that moment.

~*Kitchen Witch Wicki*~

*Some of this information was gathered from The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients By Lexa Rosean and Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen By Scott Cunningham*

*Background image provided by Lady Destiny and her garden*

Basic Kitchen Gadgets

Magick in the making

Lets talk about tools in the kitchen. Tools are always essential when working in any field. If you don’t have the right tools or don’t know how to use them, it is going to be very hard to get to your end goal.

Some of these things listed will be common things you know go in the kitchen. Pots, knifes, plates, even the oven. What I want to do is give you another way to look at them. Opening their magickal potential.

Pots – It is said that in some earlier cultures the pot was seen as a symbol of the Great Mother. To today’s Witches/Pagans/Wiccans the roundness of the pot is associated with goddess energy much like the cauldron.

When choosing cooking pots the colors suggested are earth based tones. Such as your browns, beige and whites. Many Kitchen Witches prefer their pots to be made of glazed ceramic, glass, cast iron, enameled metal (enameled cast iron), or stainless steel.

The more natural the materials the better.  It is due to that belief that many avoid using aluminum tools in their magickal cooking.

~*Kitchen Witch Wicki*~

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