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Q & A Friday


Q: You posted about smudge sticks and using the right one. I want to smudge but I am allergic to the smoke of a smudge stick. Is there another way for me to smudge a room or person?

A: To be honest we have found that the smudge stick is not for everyone. Many do appear to have a hard time with the smoke. So you are not alone in this problem.

What we suggest to people that come to us with this situation is a spray. You can make or buy sage sprays that does the job just as well as burning a smudge stick.

You can make it with either sage oil or by making your own extract by soaking the sage in water inside of a spray bottle.

If you don’t feel comfortable with making your own there are some amazing sprays out there already made. Some of them also have some very good combinations for different types of smudging like healing, and balance.



I have been gathering sage from my garden this week. Cutting and binding some, drying and then crushing the rest. It’s been a busy week for me as I get things harvested and stored.

Most Pagans/Wiccans/Witches are familiar with sage as the main herb you use for smudging. It is a rather common in the pagan community to envision sage bound in a wand for such a practice.

But did you know that not all Sage is created equal? It’s true. There are two common types of sage used when making wands, desert and white. The thing many people don’t know is they used for different types of clearings.

White Sage: can be used to lift/clear energy through out a space or around a person. Some people use it as an aura cleanser.

Desert Sage: can be used to help open new doors or opportunities in your life when you feel a bit at a stand still or stuck in a rut. It is good for grounding and is said to carry with it more of a “playful” energy.

Share with us your experiences when smudging with either of the sages.

~*Kitchen Witch Wicki*~

*Some of this information as found in Magickal Housekeeping by Tess Whitehurst*

*Background image found here http://www.organicauthority.com/smudging-your-home-with-sage-sweetgrass-and-palo-santo-no-more-incense-or-air-fresheners/*

Basic Ritual Structure

Basic Ritual Structure

This is a guideline, not something set in stone that you must do. Use it, change it to meet your needs, or discard it.

I find that personally it is always nice to have a small checklist in mind when I start to do rituals. Simply because I forgot things and would have to start all over again once I did have my proper tools and steps I wanted to take in order.

1. Banishing/Cleansing
A. Smudging and/or
B. Aspergil (with salt water)