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Halloween too Commercialized?


Let’s face facts. Halloween has become a major commercialized holiday.

The things that have made this time of year special and the symbols we use have been turned into stereotypes. The images of a witch with the tall black hat, black cats, candles, spiders and broom are just that these days, images. They have little to no meaning to them anymore in the mainstream of things. People these days don’t even realize where they came from and what they mean.

Think for a moment about why we wear costumes and masks. Do you know why we wear these items to become someone other than ourselves? Did you know that in some cultures it was to hide among the spirits and walk with them for a day with out fear or harm? Not many people realize where the roots of such things come from.

So how do you find something meaningful to pull out of all the commercialism for your Sabbat? What do you do when most of the people around you don’t understand the ancient traditions they unconsciously carry on for generations?

My suggestion is to take a close look at the history behind the holiday. Pass on the facts and meaning to the generations to follow. Not rejecting the stereotype but educating yourself and family just why these practices exist in the first place. Create new traditions for your family to enjoy during this Sabbat.


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