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Words of wisdom

“Never use words in magick if you don’t understand their meaning.”


Lady Destiny

I have been an openly practicing pagan for 13 years. During this time I have devoted much of my free time to running online groups/clubs/communities to helping other pagans in their journey to learning more about paganism as well as learning more and more myself.

I have ran a college coven/club in the state of Utah. We were not only about community support and learning but also about helping others see that we are just as normal and harmless as everyone else there. I have done a few school lectures and radio (on Halloween mostly) spots to try and educate and shed light on myths and fears that involve pagans.

I find that even with all my years of research (which add up to about 17 years now) I am still learning and discovering new things along my journey in life as a Witch. This always excites me and gives me a feeling of always looking forward to what is waiting for me next.

I thought why not share this excitement with others as I write about the things I have learned in my journey. It was this thought that gave birth to The Element of Magick.

We started as a blog but felt there was always something more. It wasn’t until a Facebook page was suggested that we really were able to see the potential EoM had in the lives of others. Now we have a website, radio show, newsletter and many social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Goggle+ and Pinterest. We continue to grow all because of amazing people like you reading our works and encouraging us forward.

You have made my dream to be a writer, mentor and spiritual advisor real. It is because of our amazing followers that The Element of Magick is so close to publishing our first of many books and making our first youtube videos.

Thank you and Blessed Be )O(


~*Pagan Mom*~

Hello everyone!

I am not very good at these introduction things, so it’s going to be short and sweet.

I am a stay at home mom that owns and operates a childcare center out of my home. I LOVE kids and to teach. I have done a few lessons in my home on pagan studies for children. I also teach things like living a more natural lifestyle.

It was the love of teaching that lead me to joining the EoM team. Lady Destiny talked to me about joining as a writer, and here we are.

I know some people don’t like the “not using my real name” part. Due to my active role in my community and the fact that my husband and I work very closely with my city council it is simply best for my family I work for EoM under this name. I always hope that one day that will change especially with the great strides the pagan community has made. For right now though this is the best I can do.

I thank you all for following my writings and the encouragement you send me with your requests. I have grown over my time writing here and that is because of you all. Thank you for not only letting me teach you the things I know but for teaching me in return.


Kitchen Witch Wicki

*Coming Soon*


19 thoughts on “Meet the EoM Team

  1. amanda bell

    Im a beginer. Have done alot of research but want to really learn how to become a practicing Wican.
    Have u any suggestions? Thanks for ur page.

    1. Lady Destiny

      There are many books out there that can help you on your path. I am currently working on writing one myself about the lingo or basic words people use in Wicca and Paganism and what those words can really mean.

      When I started out and the book I recommend to all my students is The Wicca Handbook by Eileen Holland. If you are looking for books on certian subjects then let me know and I can suggest to you the ones I have found helpful.

      Safe journeys and blessed be to you

      Lady Destiny )O(

  2. Katrina

    Having been learning and continue to add to that knowledge. I enjoy networking and helping others discover what is good and helpful for them (and me)!

  3. kris

    This would be great im a single mom its hard to get supplies and even harder now that my daughter is learning to practice love this site keep up the great work blessed be to u

  4. Lynda

    I found your site just by luck and began reading and checking out your links. Promising to say the least. I am Wiccan, practicing for at least 10 years now, trained through the Alder Wytch Tradition on AOL. Its a free school, but does require a great deal of work. Only the serious and determined are invited to join as it takes a lot of time and energy in work and ritual as well as many changes in ones own being: physically, mentally and spiritually. It is a School, no doubt about it, but when you finish your year and a day of training and service, you will have learned so very much. Are you planning to make your site one of training or a sales site?

    1. Lady Destiny

      We started Element of Magick years ago on a blog and then moved over to facebook about 2 years ago. The mission the founders of Element of Magick had was to provide a community for those walking this spiritual path. Being able to be a support as well as a place where knowledge is provided.

      We continue to stay true to that mission. We work hard to study all areas of spirituality and provide information to our members. We provide lessons, information, answers and from time to time supplies to help as many as we can. So I suppose the answer to your questions is yes to both.

      We do hope you enjoy our site and invite you to contact us is you have further questions or requests. Blessed be )O(

  5. Istanpecia Post author

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  6. Gail Bogle

    I am sharing this on facebook . I’m new to this . I have been reading different books by different authors. Would love to win the items to go with what I have now. Blessed be.

  7. Paula Eaker

    looking forward to returning to your website. To help in my studies . The more I learn I stronger I grow. Blessed be!


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