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Cooking with a purpose and care


When food is cooked with a positive energy you can taste it, feel it. We taste the love in our food when made by someone that projects love, caring, and joy. It is most likely why mom’s chicken soup taste better then anyone else’s. This energy can lift our spirits when we have a bad day at school or work. It can help heal us when we are sick. There is no limit to what this energy within our food can do for us.

The same can be said about the opposite, negative energy. I know when I cook while I am frustrated, stressed out or just down right angry my kitchen suffers. That energy goes into my food and it not only tastes bad but spreads to my family turning their moods sour without understanding why. 

It’s the intention that we project, even if you do not realize that is absorbed and transfers to those around us. I explain to people all the time that magic has no color to it. There is no white or black magic. It is will, energy and intention you put forth is what gives it a color. You can cast the most lovingly written spell, with an ill will and change that spell into something dark. The same is true with a recipe. You can cook the same thing over and over to the point you have memorized it but that one time you cook with negativity it will not come out right.

Kitchen Witch Wicki


The link of the artist who made this lovely piece displayed in the picture is You can also find their Kitchen Wares for Kitchen Witches through www.mykitchenwand.comand

Sabbat Lessons


As most parents know there is nothing more important than teaching our children all we know about the world around us. Being their guiding hand in life and helping them to decide what is right for our children as emerging individuals. This is something my husband and I work towards every day. Exposing our children to many sides of what our society says is right or wrong, acceptable and frowned upon when mingling with the majority. This is especially true when looking at religion, traditions, and beliefs.

One of the ways we approach some of these subjects is by using major holidays as both a history lesson and an experience that develops their senses and appreciation of the world around them.

As a perfect example of what I am referring to would be the upcoming holiday of Halloween, Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, Day of the dead or which ever title you prefer to call this exciting and fun holiday. Halloween makes learning fun because the children can dress up in Halloween costumes, participate in games, decorate with symbols, partake in rituals or traditions while learning about the meaning, history and struggles of the past and the cycles of life.

By doing this kind of hands on teaching we as parents hope to enlighten them to as many diversities as we can. Breaking the “inside the box” thinking most people blindly tend to do. We give hope towards a generation of understanding and hope of a brighter future.

For the next month I will be writing lessons that are aimed towards teaching our young ones about this upcoming Sabbat. I look forward to this fun task and hope you all enjoy the information and share your own experiences.

Blessed be
*A Pagan Mother*